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Update: Benicar Litigation

As of July 2013, the FDA has put warnings on the popular blood pressure drug Benicar referring to the severe gastrointestinal (GI) side effects associated with this drug. As of February of this year, there are many claims being filed against the makers of Benicar for their suffering with a disorder called sprue-like enteropathy, a serious GI  issue that includes symptoms such as violent diarrhea and stomach pains. The main issue these plaintiffs are taking with Benicar is that not only was the pill marketed to have slight dizziness as its only side effect, but the side effects were very similar to and often misdiagnosed as Celiac disease. This left many patients constantly at the doctors office, taking more pills they didn’t even need, and these very sick people were receiving zero relief of their symptoms, some for months at a time.

Update: Talc Powder Lawsuit

As the lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson regarding the link between talc powder and ovarian cancer began to take form, is was stated that the company was only looking to reimburse the consumers for the products they bought and nothing more. On April 29th of this year, the talc powder lawsuit has finally expanded to include punitive damages due to the company’s misrepresentation of effects caused by their product, surprisingly even when they were fully made aware by a doctor working on their staff. This was the most recent example of the company’s understanding and tests on this connection between this product and ovarian cancer were being conducted as early as 1982. Sadly, the result of an increased risk of ovarian cancer when using talc powder for private use was evident even more then 20 years ago, yet the well-being of the consumer remained to be well below the Johnson and Johnson profit margin on their list of priorities.