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Risperdal Settlement News…Get Tested

Get Tested Now

Risperdal Class Action LawsuitThis has now been confirmed by Attorneys very close to the Risperdal Settlement, it will be essential for all males young or old to be tested for Gynecomastia.

Many men are under the impression they will not have to be tested. Nothing could be further from the truth. Get tested, and get tested now.

Why, because a settlement seems imminent, and you want to be tested before that happens for a number of reasons.

It could and most likely would affect your chances of getting paid.

So get tested it`s just a standard blood test in most cases.



The Invokana Lawsuit and Ketoacidosis

Invokana Lawsuits and Invokana Amputation Lawsuits are growing.

Invokana, and other SGLT2 (sodium glucose co-transporter 2) Inhibitors, are the latest culprits in the revolving door of ineffective and/or harmful medications approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and passed off to the American people by the Pharmaceutical giants as the next “wonder-drug”. Invokana and its other-brand counterparts, were supposed to be the latest aid in the fight again Type II Diabetes. Often prescribed alongside a diabetic medication like Metformin,

The People’s Reference for Bad Drug Claims

Zofran Lawsuits and Risperdal Lawsuits are the hottest mass tort claims at this time. The reasons are very easy to understand as the side effects that are being compensated are exceptionally heinous.

This site is for all of the people out there that have been victimized by large drug manufacturers. You have all been lied to, your concerns have been pushed aside and many of you have had adverse effects to these prescriptions that have vague health warnings at best on the labels. These pharmaceutical companies proceeded around the laws of the FDA and were able to hurt people where most could not afford to take the hit, their family and their health.