Though Effexor is most commonly used as an anti-depressant, it has been known to be prescribed for many different stress-related conditions, including anxiety and migraines. When any SSRI medications are taken during the first trimester of pregnancy, when most women don’t even know they are pregnant, there is a high risk of the newborn displaying potentially life-threatening conditions.

Many recent studies have shed some light on the side effects associated with Effexor, the numbers say these babies are 40% more likely to be malformed in some way and 60% more prone to having severe heart defects; sadly, the FDA allowed this drug and other like it to be put on the market without proper warning issued to women who are able to bear children.

The FDA did grade this prescription a “class C”, which is the appropriate grade given to drugs that have harmed pregnant animals in lab testing; this implies that the FDA was aware of the risks affecting these innocent unborn babies if this drug was used during pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months.