Stryker Hip Lawsuit

It has come to the attention of consumers that in July 2012 a metal hip replacement component recall has been associated with Stryker and 2 of it’s recent models; though this is a voluntary recall, many patients have been affected already. These recalls are surrounded by growing evidence to support that all metal-on-metal implants could be prone to failure and become subject to recall, this evidence also points to metal poisoning as a possibility in some cases due to metal corrosion inside the body. Though Stryker used a ceramic part, it does contain metal-on-metal components, which can be responsible for some patients developing metallosis. There is a list of symptoms that was put out there by the FDA that if patients experience 3 or more moths after surgery could show malfunction on the hip implant.

These issues include:

  • Swelling near the hip joint
  • Unnatural sounds from the hip joint
  • A change in mobility or limping
  • Groin, leg or hip pains

These patients have gone through a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering, some cases have required a second corrective surgery. According to our lawyers, they are eligible for compensation for these injustices along with lost wages and medical bill incurred unnecessarily form this implant.